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Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources

An Outstanding Facility with Lots of Interactive Displays

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Entrance Sign
Dinosaur Skelton

This museum is near the small town of Smackover, Arkansas. It is a unique resource to display the history of the growth of the petroleum and brine industries in the state. The museum has award-winning displays including a reconstructed old street scene from the 1920's Arkansas oil boom town. Outside the museum are pumps, oil rigs, and other artifacts that were used in the boom days in the Smackover area. This museum is free to the public and open every day except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


The park has no camping or lodging facilities, but it has places to enjoy a picnic lunch. If you wish to camp, check out Moro Bay State Park. For those wanting a motel, the city of Smackover, Arkansas, can accommodate you.


 You can find out more about this museum by going to the Arkansas State Parks website.

Restored Oil Site from Early Days in Smackover, AR

1940's re-created oil site Smackover, AR

Informational Sign Display Concerning Lufkin Pumping Unit

 Picture of Plaque on Work Site

Pump and Storage for Oil Typical of 1940's

Close-up of old oil pump and storage tank

Dick Is Walking from Displays toward Visitor Center

Dick walking to Visitor Center afer viewing outside dispays.

These are pictures from the 1920's re-created street scene of the oil boom period IN Smackover.

The picture above shows the rings of a tree cut down. Below, Arlene stands before a display in the museum.

Below is a re-created Oil Rig from the  1920's boom times in Smackover.  Petroleum plus bromine are still extracted today in this area of Arkansas with modern day equipment. Today oil and brine are used in  productus we use daily making this part of Arkansas a very important area for obtaining these resources.

The video done by Explore Arkansas in April 2009 has a great segment about the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, but you will have to move the marker to the 7:47 minute point to get beyond the Toltec Mound segment. The museum segment is about 6 minutes after you reach the part about the museum.
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