The Arkansas Post National Memorial is just down the road from the Arkansas Post State Park. You can visit both of these facilities in the same day. This post was the first European settlement in Arkansas and was established  in the late 1600's by French explorers. The area changed hands first to Spain and later to the United States. This Post was also a Civil War battle on the Arkansas River called the Battle of Fort Hindman in 1863. This fighting was  essential to the winning the Battle of Vicksburg. The post settlement was eventually disbanded due to the unrelenting mosquito problem and the disease that these caused. If you need a campsite, check out Cane Creek State Park.

If you need a motel, you can try looking in Dumas, Arkansas.

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Arkansas Post National Memorial

Interesting displays and a must stop for history buffs

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Pan of the Arkansas River from the Post Settlement
Visitor Center
Arlene stands in front of the Visitor Center where the displays in the museum tell the story of this early settlement.
Self Guided Trail and Pond
This trail goes around the pond and along the river to the old settlement area.
View of Arkansas River
The Arkansas River was vital to this settlement and later in the Civil War Battle fought here.
Sign along Self Guided Tour
This sign tells the history of the Post Settlement.
Fort Hindman History
This Civil War Battle in 1863 is described on this tour sign.
More History on Sign
This has more history of the settlement at this Post area.
The History of the Townsite
This tour sign describes the town site at the Post.
Townsite at the Post
This is the area where the settlement first was set up.
Civil War Battle
This sign details the fight with the new ships in the Civil War battle for Fort Hindman.
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Entrance sign
Visitor Center

The videos below will give you a better understanding of the highlights of the Arkansas Post National Memorial.

This is a 3 1/2  minute video done by Arkansas Preservation with a musical rendition that tells the history of the battle at the Post.

 This is a 3 minute video done by Robbie Thompson concerning the history of the Arkansas Post.

For those of you, who are interested in the early history of the United States west of the Mississippi, below there is a 27 minute video titled "Watch Out! History Coming-Arkansas Post" done by salineriverchonicle and hosted by Rob Reep. This gives an excellent  history of this early post settlement and how it served as the capital for a short time.