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Great state park for history buffs and is next to the Arkansas National Post Memorial

Arkansas Post Museum

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

The Arkansas Post Museum is a small park at the junction of  US 165 and ARK169, but has excellent displays of the way of life long past. This museum houses reconstruction of the type of buildings and memorabilia that one would see in the late 1800's and early 1900's on the Grand Prairie and Delta areas of Arkansas. The Refeld-Hinman log house, seen above, is an original building from 1877. In the Peterson Building is a 1933 playhouse, built-to-scale version of the Carnes' family home and displays scale children's toys, furnishings and accessories. Click Here to read more detail about this park. If you wish to camp while visiting this museum, take advantage of the Cane Creek State Park not far away. If you want to stay in a motel, check out those in Star City, Arkansas.

Below are some pictures of some of the items you will see at this museum.

1877 log cabin
Below is a ten minute video that shows the details of the museum.  All the five buildings on the property are shown. Many of the displays and artifacts in the Peterson building are shown in this video. The 1933 playhouse can be seen about seven minutes into the video.
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