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Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area

A lovely natural area to visit, but the kayaking is only for highly experienced participants.

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Cossatot River State Park Entrance
Arlene on trail along Cossatot River

This park is the best mid-America whitewater float experience one can find. Only level III-V kayakers, rafters, and canoeist should even consider negotiating the river. For those qualified, the 12 mile stretch of this beautiful river  will offer an unforgettable trip.  If you are only a nature lover, you can still enjoy this park for its beauty and natural formations. There are hiking trails, playground and shaded picnic areas. If the river isn't high, you can enjoy fishing and splashing in the waters. A trip in late fall will let you see much of the rock formations that the kayakers must pass through and over. A circular driving trip to the visitor's center area off US 278 and around to the Brushy Creek area on AR Hwy 246 is well worth the time.

Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area's 5,401 acres emphasizes outdoor recreation, river preservation, and environmental education. The park is managed by the Arkansas State Parks and the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. There are some primitive camping sites in the park, but if you want hookups, try staying at Daisy or Queen Wilhelmina State Parks. For other types of accommodations, check out the city of Mena, Arkansas.

To get more information about using the river or visiting the Visitor's Center just off US 278 near Wickes, Arkansas, click here.

For some other extreme Arkansas Adventure Parks, you can check out this website.

Arlene stands in front of the Visitor Center. This center has outstanding educational and environmental displays.

The slide show shows what the river is like in high & low water periods as well as scenes along trails in the park.

Mouse over the pictures to see descriptions.

Below is a 5 minute video done by Ouachita Outfitters to show what it is like to kayak on the Cossatot River. Outstanding views of the river and the obstacles that must be negotiated.
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