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Devil's Den State Park

Unusual Rock Formations and Outstanding Scenic Beauty. A Must See Arkansas Park.

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Devil's Den Trail

Devil's Den Trail

Dam on  Lee Creek

Dam on Lee Creek

Devil's Den is one of Arkansas' most scenic parks especially during the fall when we visited. The park was built in the 1930's by the CCC, and many of the original buildings are still used. The rock formations are unusual and the vistas are outstanding. There are hiking, biking, and horse trails in the park. The wildlife and flora are extensive. There is a small lake created by a rock dam on Lee Creek, which has a beautiful water fall in the spring and the rainy periods. If you plan to camp in the park, there is an excellent campground with some sites having full hookups as well as a section for horse camping. The park also offers rustic cabins for rent. If you want a motel, check out Mountainburg or Fayetteville, Arkanasas

There is also information from the Arkansas State Park Site.


Below are pictures from our visit to give you a taste of the parks uniqueness. Click picture to enlarge slideshow.

Entrance Sign

Entrance Sign to State Park.

Cave in Rocks

Dick checking out cave in the rocks.

Rustic cabin

Rustic CCC cabins built in 1930's

Fall color at Divil's Den

Fall is especially nice for a visit to Devil's Den State Park.

Our campsite

Our campsite on Lee creek.

Bridge over Lee Creek

Bridge over Lee Creek

Devil's Den Trail Trip

Getting ready to hike Devil's Den Trail.

Fall Colors on Trail

On the trail with its unique formations.

Unusual Rock Formations

Very unique formations!

Skyline View

Looking up from trailway.

Devils Den Trail

Arlene hiking along trail.

Devils Den Trail

Dick resting along trail.

Rock Formations

Interesting rock formations on Devil's Den Trail.

Arlene on bridge

Arlene checking out valley below from bridge.

Dick on Narrow Trail

Dick checking out rock ledge along this narrow trail.

CCC Overlook

The first CCC project in Devil's Den park was this overlook site.

Fall Colors along Trail

Fall colors are overwhelming along the trails.

Fossil Rocks

Fossilized mud along the trail.

Hhiking CCC Trail

A short trail through old CCC camp area.

CCC Memorial

Memorial to the CCC workers

Old CCC Store Room

Old CCC storage area.

Old CCC Cooking Area

Chimney is all that remains of CCC cooking area.

CCC Plaque

Plaques along the path tell CCC story.

CCC Dam on Lee Creek

CCC rock dam forms Devil's Den Lake on Lee Creek.

This video done by Arkie Travels is 4:40 minutes long and gives good views of what you can expect to see at the park.

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