Hampson Archeological Museum State Park

In 2018 the New Museum for Hampson displays will open to the public

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

When we visited in 2017, the Hampson Museum was in a very small building just off the Wilson town square. The new museum will be set up by the summer of 2018 and will have ample room for many extra displays. Dr. James K. Hampson became a self-made archeologist during his medical practice and preserved many of the artifacts found on his land near Wilson, Arkansas. The nationally renowned collection is from the Nodena culture that flourished in this area during A.D. 1400-1650. Dr. Hampson's family has helped the state to have access to this collection. Although this state park has no camping on site, Lake Poinsett State Park is not far away and has a lovely camping area. If you are traveling but do not plan to camp, there are a number of motels within a few miles of the town of Wilson. While visiting the area, you must have lunch at the Wilson Café. This restaurant has a well-known chef from the Memphis area and the food is beyond wonderful and the prices are quite reasonable.


For more information about this park, check out the Arkansas State Park website and a Virtual Museum site that details what this collection is all about and has a biography of Dr. Hampson. 

The slide show will give you an idea what you will see at the museum and a view of the town and new building that will open in 2018.

If you click on the pictures, you will be able to manually control the slides and see all of the description.

Entrance Sign in front of old museum in 2017.

Playground Area next to old museum

Wilson Town Square

Wilson Town Square

Side Pan of New Museum

Side Pan of New Museum

Pictures of the Town of Wilson
Town Square
White Mercantile
The White Mercantile is across from town square and is open to public with some really nice items to purchase.
White Mercantile
This has plenty of parking area for the people to visit the store.
Antique Truck
Antique truck in front of the White Mercantile.
Old Jail
This is the old jail house across from the town square.
Town Square Park
A nice place to walk and enjoy the open park area.
Wilson Cafe
Wilson Café is a must visit restaurant when you go to this town. The food is beyond good and price is reasonable.
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3-D Program for Researchers to Study Artifacts
Take a look at this 3 minute video to see what is being done at the University of Arkansas for the Hampson collection.