Hot Springs National Park

An in-town park, but lovely to see. Don't forget to do the mountain drive tours.

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Hot Springs National Park is surrounded by the city of Hot Springs. This urban setting has 47 hot springs, which have been the attraction for many years. Although the hot springs were known by the early Indian tribes, the heyday of the hot springs was in the early 20th century when people traveled to the area for the medicinal effects of the minerals in the hot springs. The use of the baths declined in the 1960's and many bathhouses shut down. Today there is a revival of the splendor of these early days.

If you wish to stay in the area while visiting the park, there are a number of hotels in the city of Hot Springs, including the famous Arlington Hotel. If you want to camp, check out the state parks of Lake Catherine or Lake Ouachita.

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The downtown part of the Hot Springs National Park is quite beautiful. Take a look at the slide shows below to see what you think.
Mouse over picture to see descriptions. One set of pictures show the walking trails park and the other shows the Bathhouse Row, which made Hot Springs so famous in the early 1900's.
There are two driving tours in the Hot Springs Nation Park. The one nearest to the downtown area is the Mountain Tower Drive and the other is on West Mountain.
Mouse over picture to see descriptions. The Mountain Tower Drive is must to do in the National Park. The West Mountain area has beautiful views of the city and a hiking trail as well. 
While visiting the National Park, you can visit a couple of other attractions. Below are pictures of the Arlington Hotel Downtown, a hotel still in operation. The building maintains the flavor of the days past when the bathhouses were a major tourist attraction. Also, there are some pictures of the Oaklawn Race Track where races take place January to mid April. Although not part of the Hot Springs National Park, Oaklawn is a premier attraction where many of the great horses have raced including American Pharaoh, the most recent triple crown winner. Next door to the tracks is the new entertainment complex of Oaklawn Gaming Casino. See details for these two venues.

This 6 minute video below is professionally done by 58NationalParks and gives the background of Hot Springs National Park and has many pictures of that park.