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Lake Ouachita State Park

For the camper and outdoors person one of Arkansas' finest parks

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Lake Ouachita State Park is nestled in the scenic Ouachita Mountains not far from Hot Springs, Arkansas. The 40,000-acre lake held back by the Blakely Mountain Dam offers many water sport opportunities for boating, swimming, skiing, and fishing. The camping area has 101 roomy sites to enjoy the park. For those who want more comforts of home, there are eight fully furnished cabins available. There are also motels in nearby Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village.

One interesting feature of the park is the nature spring water at Three Sisters' Springs. This spring flows year around and was the site of a resort many years ago. There are pictures of this below.

For more details check out the Arkansas State Parks website.

Below are Pictures of the Park Including the Sisters Spring and the Blakely Dam.
You can manually control the slideshow and see full descriptions by clicking on the pictures.

The historic site of Three Sisters' Spring was first settled in 1875 by John McFadden. The spring was said to have healing powers and attracted many people to this site. After a few more owners, W. M, Cecil set up a resort at the spring before it was taken over by the state of Arkansas and made part of the Lake Ouachita State Park. Click Here for more detail. 

Here is a 2 1/2 minute video done by John Edwards. You can listen to the sounds of the spring and read the signs, which have its history. Although the present spring is only one stream, it has been redirected from three springs nearby. The original homesteader, John McFadden, supposedly named the springs "Three Sisters" for his three daughters. He thought the springs had medicinal value and sold water to the people for healing purposes.

Below is a four minute video by Hot Springs Broadcast Network featuring the state park.
If you want to take the time to watch a 23 minute video of fishing on Lake Ouachita, check out the Fox Sports Outdoors video below.
Lake Ouachita Dam

Lake Ouachita Dam



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