Lake Poinsett State Park

In 2017 Lake Poinsett was being drained, but still a great place for a getaway weekend trip

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In 2017 when we last visited this park, Arkansas Fish and Game had begun draining the lake in order to work on the dam and its outlets. The above slideshow has a picture when the dam was full and a similar view as it was being drained. It will probably take about 2 years to complete the repairs and refill the lake so if fishing is your only purpose, it may be a bit disappointing. However, we found the park a great getaway place just to camp and do some hiking so don't mark this one off your list. When it is refilled, we will try to revisit and take so updated pictures to show all its beauty. If you are spending several days or a week there, you may want to take a day or two to visit some other state parks nearby while the lake is drained. A trip to the Hampson Museum at Wilson and a tour of the Parkin Archeological State Park are well worth the drives to visit. If you just want to relax or just enjoy the nature, you can kick back and make some smores or read a book while camping at the park. If you have to have fishing activity while camping or want a cabin, you can stay at Village Creek State Park not far from this park and just drive to Lake Poinsett to visit while the lake is down. It is interesting to see it even before it is refilled.

For more information and updates on the park, visit the Arkansas State Parks website.

Lake Poinsett when full

Lake being drained.

This 8 minute video done by Paul Ragland is an interesting aerial view of the draining of Lake Poinsett.

Full Lake near Dam

This picture shows the lake when full.

Drained Lake 2017

It will take about 2 years to refill.