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Powhatan Historic State Park

Excellent preservation of Arkansas historic town

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Pan of town

Pan of town



Powhatan Courthouse built in 1888. Today it serves as a visitor center and museum. Located on Arkansas Highway 25, this Italian style courthouse at Powhatan State Park has been exquisitely restored and preserved. Throughout the 1800's this town was a busy center for commerce on the Black River. This courthouse sits on top of the hill which actually stands in the Ozark Region of the state, while much of the town was located in the Delta Region just below this structure. For those interested in the history of this region, this is a must see town. The free courthouse museum houses exhibits that interpret commerce, politics, and lifestyles of the early days in this area. A guided tour of the buildings in the area can be arranged for a small fee.

If you want to stay at a campground while visiting this town, check out Lake Charles State Park. You can rent a furnished RV at that state park if you don't have an RV or motorhome. If you prefer to stay in a motel, look in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

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History of Powhatan

Below are 20 pictures to show some of the things you will see at Powhatan.
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