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Let Me Introduce Us to You:

We are Dick and Arlene Lee


We presently live in north central Arkansas. We started our lives together in northern Indiana in 1963. Dick worked as a tool design engineer and Arlene worked as a teacher starting in 1964. After a number of years in these careers, we decided to make a major change in our lives and move to an area of the country where we could bring up our children in a safe and interesting environment and work in an area that incorporated our outdoor interests. In the late 1970's we moved to Arkansas and ran a lake resort for twenty-two years where we invited people to visit the Ozarks and enjoy its great outdoors. We loved our new home so much, after selling our business and working a few odd jobs, we settled into working in the real estate field so we could bring people to the area to live permanently or help them with their moving needs. Now we have retired and spend much of our time enjoying Arkansas' many outdoor activities and camping facilities. In this website we want to share with you our love of Arkansas and especially the Ozarks. Check out the links above to visit our State and National Parks in Arkansas, to see pictures of our beautiful state, to find out more about Arkansas through the links and videos we provide.


Below Are Pictures of Our Hobbies and Interests

Here are some pictures of Dick and Arlene's hobbies and favorite activities. Watch the auto slide or click the  picture to open a larger picture.

Family and grandchildren are the best interest we have. We have two wonder sons and daughter-in-laws, five lovely grandchildren, and two precious great grandchildren.
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