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If you want to comment on the site we shared with you, please do. If you see errors, send us a notice and tell us on what page you found these, and we will correct them as soon as possible.

We would be delighted if you want to comment on our site. The form below does have a required field for your email, but we are not a business nor do we intend to sell your email to anyone. If you want us to reply, we have given you a choice for this option. If you want us to reply, type "YES" if not, type "NO" and we will honor that request.

Thanks for visiting us on the website and hope you will visit our area. If we have given you a card with our phone numbers on it, you are welcome to call us for more information about Arkansas and the Ozarks, but be sure to leave a voice mail with a phone number to return the call because we usually do not answer unknown numbers.


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The 4 minute video done by Steve Harrelson lets you visit many sites in Arkansas while the song Arkansas, You Run Deep in Me

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