Crater of Diamonds State Park

For the treasure hunter this is an exciting park and lots of fun

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Entrance Sign
Dick looking for diamonds

Ever dream of finding a treasure? Here is your chance to find a diamond and keep it! This park is an eroded surface of a volcanic center, the eighth largest in the world and is open to the public to seek their fortune. When you come, be prepared with some old clothes, especially if it is muddy, since you need to get down in the dirt to hunt for the gems. You can rent some tools to aid you or bring your own equipment. After rains, it is often easier to spot the diamonds if they have turned up on the surface, but mud boots might be appropriate for that. People either dig in the overturned dirt, or walk the rows looking for the diamonds. There is an admission fee to the fields, but if you find a diamond, it is well worth it. When we were there, we didn't find a gem, but the admission provided us a lot of fun. Below is the visitor center where there are lots of displays and where you enter the fields. Below is the campsite area where we stayed. Great camping area! If you want to stay in a motel, check out the town of Murfreesboro nearby. 


For more information about the park, check out the following links:


Website for Crater of Diamonds

CNN report about father and daughter find October 14, 2016

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Set 1:Arlene looking for diamonds
You have to get down in the dirt to find the shiny gems.
A couple looking for diamonds
Everyone gets dirty looking for the treasures.
Diamond hunting
Some people walk the fields looking for the diamonds.
Sorting Pavilion
When you get a bucket of dirt, you can go to the washing trough to sort through the dirt.
Dick washes off dirt
Dick is washing off excessive dirt to see if there is a shiny gem in the bucket he collected.
Dick and his bike
If you don't want to hunt for diamonds, this is a great park for biking or hiking.
Trailhead Sign
This is the beginning of a concrete trail down to the river.
Trail starting point
Down the steps and onto the trail.
Concrete path to the river
This is an easy walk down to the Little Missouri River.
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Set 2: Little Missouri River
A quiet, serene place to enjoy the river.
Signs along the trail
Signs along the trail help you understand what you are seeing.
End of Trail
The concrete walkway ends at the river. For a scenic return, you can go back on a dirt trail.
Bridge on trail
Rustic bridges cross the streams along the path.
Dry Creek Bed
At times in the year, the creek beds are dry as is the one in this picture.
Interesting tree
Had to take a picture of this unusual tree.
Dick near end of trail
The dirt trail is about at its end as Dick walks through the woods.
Exercise Equipment
Along the trail there is a place to stop and exercise.
End of the trail
Back at the beginning of the trail again on the concrete pathway.
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Below is a 1:49 minute video done by ABC about a rare 5 carat diamond found by a 12 year boy in August 2013.