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Crowley's Ridge State Park

A rustic park tucked in a wooded area on a ridge rising above the Upper Delta Region

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CCC Lodge

CCC Lodge

Walcott Lake

Walcott Lake

Rising 250 feet above the surrounding flat lands of the delta region of northeastern Arkansas not far from Paragould, is a ridge of land named after an early 1800's settler, Benjamin Crowley. This land formation was probably an island that formed millions of years ago between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, which eroded this land as the rivers changed courses over the many years. To find out more about this formation, Click Here.  The state park was set up by the CCC during the 1930's depression years and still maintains its rustic stone and log features that reflect this period. There are 4 modern cabins, 26 sites in the campgrounds, and a group lodging area with bunk houses along with a 31-acre fishing lake, Walcott Lake, and a 3 1/2 acre-swimming lake, Ponder Lake, which was being filled when we took pictures below.

For reservations and details, check out the Arkansas State Park website.

Crowley's Ridge State Park invites you to experience the 1930's past elegance

The Visitor Center is near the entrance and across from Wishing Well Falls.

The Dancing Rabbit Trail is easy to walk and is near the visitor center.

People play games near unique arched bridge seen in background.

Dick and Arlene are standing at the foot of the Wishing Wells Falls.  Although originally from a spring, today the water is pumped up the hill to create the falls.

You can see descriptions of the pictures below by mousing over them.

A two minute video by Astate Multimedia gives you a brief look at the park.

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