Lake Chicot State Park

An oasis in the Delta Plain for a getaway family vacation

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This park has the largest natural lake in Arkansas. Once part of the main channel of the Mississippi River, it is now a 20 mile long oxbow lake that offers a variety of fishing and boating opportunities. There is a really roomy campground nestled among the pecan grove and the cypress trees along the shores of the lake. There are several cabins for those who do not camp. During the summer the pool makes a nice place for families. For those who like to hike, there is an easy trail to enjoy the Delta flora and bird watching. If you have a bicycle, this is a great place to ride. You can take a drive on part of the Great River Road, which runs through this park. In the evenings the sunsets will paint the night time skies.

For more information, check out the Arkansas State Parks website.

Great River Road

Above are the signs that greet you as you enter the park. The Visitor Center has an excellent educational center with a museum that depicts the history of this Delta area. Below is a slideshow of scenes that you will see at the park.

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This two minute video done by 50 Campfires will give you a good view of the Lake Chicot Sate Park.