Mammoth Spring State Park

A definite must see in Arkansas

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Mammoth Springs State Park is located just off Hwy 63 along the Arkansas-Missouri border. This spring is the second largest in the Ozarks and produces nine million gallons of water hourly. At the site is a 10-acre dammed up lake where the remnants of a 19th century mill and hydroelectric plant still can be seen. The Frisco depot from the early 1900's can be toured and a modern train still uses the tracks.The scenic park has picnic tables and a trail around the lake. There is no campgrounds in this park, but if you wish to camp during your visit to this park, I suggest you check out Lake Charles State Park. If you need a motel room, there are some in the city of Mammoth Spring.

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Mammoth Spring State Park
At the top of the page is a slide show with pictures of the beautiful Mammoth Spring and the Frisco Railroad, both of which were vital for the growth in this community.
Arlene stands by the sign on the Visitor Center. This facility also serves as one of the Arkansas welcoming centers so be sure to visit it.
Below is a slide show with pictures from the park.

This sign details the history of the spring and the milling company that served this community.

Dick stands by an old generator that run the turbines for the old milling company.

The Ozark Gateway video has excellent aerial photography that shows you what you can expect to see and do at Mammoth Spring State Park. It does take a little over 7 minutes to watch the entire video, but take the time to view part or all of it for a virtual visit to this park.