Some Arkansas Corps of Engineer Parks

These are some of our favorite COE parks pictured below

Arkansas has a number of Corps of Engineers Parks. Our favorite one is Oakland Campground, which is only 20 miles from where we live. However, we have a few others that are ones we like and want to show some scenes from those. Below are some pictures and slideshows to look at.


Some of the parks even have full hookups or at least water and electric. Others may be dry camping only. For those people who have the Senior Access pass, you can stay at these parks for half price. Since the parks usually charge normal fees about $18-$22 per night for individual sites, that is a real bargain.


If you want to check at other parks, check out the list of lakes where these are located on the Arkansas Tourism website or the Corps of Engineers website and choose Arkansas.

Horseshoe Bend COE Park on Beaver Lake

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This 4 1/2 minute video is done by the Little Rock District of Corps of Engineers.
This discusses the activities of the district in Arkansas and Missouri's lakes and rivers.