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Ozark Folk Center State Park

A park for Ozark folk music lovers. Has a great research library for Ozark folkways

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Folk Center Music Capital of the World, that is the label given to Mountain View, Arkansas. The Ozark Folk Center is located just a short distance from that quaint town and is the source of a research center that preserves the old ways of the Ozark mountain people This state park is unique in its attempt to offer as much authenticity to the public as possible of the folk ways of the original inhabitants of this region.


Unlike other Arkansas state parks, this park has an admission fee. The folk center has booths, many of which are manned by local people, that demonstrates the old ways of  the original inhabitants of the Ozarks such as blacksmithing, lye soap making, and other skills that are fading from modern life. There is an herb garden that have native plants and herbs from around the world. There is  musical  entertainment,  mostly  from   the

local population of the area. There are  performances nightly in the musical auditorium. Also, the folk center offers many classes to the public to learn skills of the Ozark people. If time allows, visit the town of Mountain View where there are antique and music stores and free entertainment on the town square.

The park does not have its own campgrounds, but there is a private RV site that has direct access to the Ozark Folk Center site and there are a few other RV parks in the town of Mountain View. The park does have a lodge and cabins for travelers and there are a number of motels in Mountain View if you prefer those types of accommodations. 

For more information check out the following websites:

Ozark Folk Center

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

Nearby attraction-Blanchard Springs Caverns

The pictures below in the slide show are from inside the exhibition center of the center.
This 1-minute video made by the Arkansas State Parks gives an overview of the facility's offerings.
These two videos give you an idea of what to expect if you visit the town of Mountain View just a short distance from the Ozark Folk Center.

The video shows the type of music you can expect to hear in Mountain View, Arkansas. It is about 3 1/2 minute run and is done by an individual known as Dejadu54.

This production by SoLost of Oxford American is a total length of 7 1/2 minutes. The music is typical of music on the square in Mountain View. Everyone seems to play music in this town.

Music is the flavor of this town. Informal jam sessions are common just about anytime you pass through there. If the weather permits it, the music floats through the air on the square, in the homes, or off a porch of a home in the area. Jimmy Driftwood is one of the most noted natives of this area, and was instrumental in creating Mountain View as a folk music capital of the world. Until his death, he had a theater show in this quaint Ozark town of Mountain View..

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