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Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park

One of Arkansas' most interesting parks and worth a visit for sure

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Main Mound

These mounds are the tallest and best preserved mounds in the Lower Mississippi River Valley. The people who inhabited this site lived her around 650-1050 A.D. There is a 3/4 mile barrier free trail with self-guided signs. If you want a tram ride, there is a charge to make these arrangements. The visitor center has artifacts from the site and admission is free.

You can camp close-by at Willow Creek Corps of Engineers campground if you wish. There are a number of communities and the city of Little Rock nearby if you want to stay at a motel.


For more information check out the Arkansas State Parks website. 

These 9 pictures give you a good feel for what you will see at the state park.

Below is Exploring Arkansas, a video featuring three Arkansas sites and narrated by Chuck Dovish of AETN. Check out this video. Although the cover photo shows the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, the first segment starts out with the Toltec Mounds State Park. That segment lasts about 7 1/2 minutes. 

If you watch the other two segments, the total video is around twenty-five minutes. The museum part is about 6 minutes and the last segment is 12 minutes and covers Historic Fort Smith.

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