Withrow Springs State Park

A fall visit is recommended for sure if you want to hike some mountainous areas

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Withrow Springs State Park is tucked away in a wooded valley in the Ozarks and surrounded by the bluffs of the War Eagle Creek. It is just a few miles north of Huntsville and about 20 miles south of Eureka Springs. The park was named after an early settler, Richard Withrow, who set up a grist mill in the area. There is a nice campground with full hookups in the park and hiking trails through the forest and one along the bluffs of War Eagle Creek with great scenic views especially in the fall. If you want to stay in a motel, check out Eureka Springs,Springdale, Rogers, or Fayetteville, Arkansas.

For more information, check out Arkansas State Parks website.

Arlene stands by the attractive sign that welcomes you to Whithow Springs State Park.

The office is rather small, but it has friendly staff and a small gift shop and supply store.

The Forrest trail is a steep climb, but levels out at the top.

Scenes War Eagle Trail.

The pictures below are from the attractions near Withrow Springs: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and the Thorncrown Chapel just west of that town.
This town is just a few miles north of the park and worth the trip to check out. The streets of Eureka Springs are very  narrow and winding so taking your RV or camper is not advisable. You will have to find a parking lot and walk to see most of the shops in the area. There are also events throughout the year that are staged in this town so check those out as well. You will want to see the old Victorian homes by driving throughout the city and visit the ghost at the Crescent Hotel.The Great Passion Play is performed at a site near the city so you may want to plan to take that in. The Christ of the Ozarks and a beautiful overlook is also worth a visit to that attraction. And lastly don't forget to check out the Thorncrown Chapel just west of Eureka springs. It is a beautiful crystal chapel that brings the outdoors inside and is a favorite for weddings.
Here is another attraction not far from Withrow Springs. If you travel in the fall, you might be able to see the War Eagle Fair. This is one of the biggest Craft Fairs in the country and has top notch vendors. Check out the link for the fair for dates, times and directions.
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This video done by Ken Click has an excellent view of the War Eagle Trail. I suggest you set the video time marker at 4:10 minutes to skip his supper and breakfast descriptions so your viewing time will be about 4 minutes in length. This trail is the most popular one in the park, but it has so tricky spots that require careful hiking with narrow path along the bluff so I do not recommend it for children or the faint of heart.