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Marks' Mills Battleground State Park

Not a lot to see in this out of the way park, but interesting for the civil war history buff

Check out the pictures, videos, and information below.

Just south of Fordyce is a memorial for the Marks' Mills Battleground, part of the Red River Campaign. This battle followed another one at Poison Springs. The fighting took place near the home site where John Marks had a flour and saw mill and across from Cemetery Park on the Old-Camden-Pine Bluff Road just north of the park. The Confederate soldiers completely defeated the Union troops and took all their supplies, which set them on a retreat back to Little Rock from their Red River Campaign in south Arkansas. This was their second defeat in two weeks in April, 1864. They were attacked a third time at Jenkins Ferry, where they escaped and continued their retreat.

If you plan to camp while visiting this battleground, check out White Oak Lake or Cane Creek State Parks. If you need a motel, look in Fordyce, Arkansas.

Below are some links to give you more information about this park and the battle:

Arkansas State Park website

Battle of Marks' Mills

Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture

This memorial marker honors those Confederate troops who were able to hold off the union troops at this battle.

Check out this link for information about how this fit into the Civil War Union movements of the Red River Campaign.


Action at Marks' Mills

For a brochure entitled Red River Campaign in Arkansas, write to Arkansas State Parks, One Capitol Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 or call (501)682-1191 and ask for this.



The park is in a quiet wooded area with self guided plaques to help understand what took place in this Red River Campaign of the Civil War.
Below is a 3 minute video done by Dan Mort that films a re-enactment of the Marks' Mills Battle.
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