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Cane Creek State Park

Off the beaten path park for a great geataway

Check out the pictures, videos, and information below.

Cane Creek State Park straddles two natural divisions in Arkansas. It is located where the rolling terrain of the West Gulf Coastal Plain and the alluvial lands of east Delta of Arkansas meet. It is a fairly small park, but has twenty-nine campsites,  1,675-acre Cane Creek Lake, and a great biking as well as a walking trail.  For people who like to do birding or enjoy viewing wildlife, this park offers a multitude of opportunities. The Bayou Bartholomew just across the lake is the world's longest bayou.

While visiting this park, you may want to visit the Arkansas Post Museum as well as the Arkansas Post National Memorial, both only a few miles from this park. If you wish to enjoy this park, but not camp, check out Star City, Arkansas for accommodations.


Click Here to see more details from the Arkansas state park website.

Arlene Heading to Marina

Arlene is hiking to the Marina at Cane Creek State Park.

Trailhead Sign

This hiking and biking trail is a favorite for campers. There are 3 swinging bridges to negotiate.

View of lake from camper

Dick rests in his lounge chair while looking at the lake.


Quiet wooded area awaits those who camp in one of the 29 sites.

View of camper and lake

Lakeside campsites are added bonus to this park.

Camper and truck

Our set up in the Cane Creek campsite.

Play an interesting eight minute vide done by AETN's ArkansasExpert that shows the mountain biking trail in Cane Creek Lake Trail. You can see the suspension bridges and the woodlands in this area.

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