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Millwood State Park

If fishing is your interest, this park is the place to go.

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Millwood Entrance

Enter Millwood at this point for great fishing.

Dick with couple fishing

These people were having a great time fishing from the bank.

Dam Millwood

Fishing is good above the dam in the lake and in the river below.

Millwood is known nationwide for its bass, crappie, catfish, and bream fishing. This 29,500 acre lake is popular for summer family vacations, and tournaments are often held for bass fisherman in the spring and fall. Unfortunately in 2015 the park was extensively flooded and much of the campsite area was inundated and repairs are still ongoing. However, the facilities renovated are roomy and ready for the camper. Fishing is the main activity at the lake and a marina is at the park to serve all your needs. There is a word of caution. We were told that Millwood is also home to alligators so swimming is not a popular sport on this lake. Although rarely seen, alligators are always given the right away if you do run across one. One person we talked to said he was trot-line fishing one time and pulled up a gator on his line. He quickly cut the line to give the alligator its full right to its home in the lake.

There is a nice campground at Millwood, but after the floods in 2015, there has been a struggle to get back in shape. It is doing fairly well now. There is a Corps of Engineering Park nearby if you can't get into the state park. If you prefer to stay in a motel, you might want to check out Texarkana, Arkansas for accommodations. There is a 4 mile hiking and cycling nature trail in the park. If you want a day outside, plan a visit to the Crater of Diamonds State Park or the Historic Washington State Park nearby.


If you want more information about Millwood, check out Arkansas Stat Park website.


For a video showing the 2015 flooding click here.

Check out the 16 pictures below for scenes in the park and nearby it.
You can manually control the slideshow and see all the pictures by clicking on the pictures.
This 1:41 minute video done by Hancock Outdoors will give you a sense for the bass fishing on Millwood Lake.
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