Lost Valley is technically a part of the Buffalo National River Park. It is located on the upper end of the Buffalo River near Ponca, Arkansas. In 2019 the parking area and access to Lost Valley was redesigned. Lots of upgrades have been done to the trail as well. These pictures were taken before all the renovation, but they will give a a good idea what to expect at the park. The highlight of the trail is the Eden Falls. The hike to the falls starts out rather easy and you can see the lower falls without too much trouble. However, the hike up to Cob Cave and Eden Falls is rather strenuous so takes about twice as long as hiking to the lower falls. However, the view is worth the effort if you can handle the the walk up the hill. If you up to a very strenuous hike, you can climb up to the top of Eden Falls and the Cave t that site. Beware of the slick rocks if you choose to go the the top especially in the spring. For some more information click here: Lost Valley, also check out BOC lost Valley Information.  

There is much to see in this area. Check out web pages for Jasper Arkansas, Boxley Elk, Arkansas's Grand Canyon, Twin Falls, and Steel Creek. If you camp, RV spots are very limited in this area and many of the primitive campgrounds are down steep dirt roads, which require a 4X4 truck to get to. For other accommodations check out these links: Ponca Area, Jasper Area, Camping, government primitive camping sites.


Below is a slideshow of 15 pictures that shows pictures from a springtime and a few pictures from fall trip to the Lost Valley.

If you click on the pictures, you can see full descriptions or manually control the slide show.

Below is a 2 1/2 minutes video done by Michele McCoy that gives you a fall view of the trail to Eden Falls.