One of the most beautiful attractions in Arkansas is Twin (Triple) Falls as seen in the above picture. To find this jewel tucked away in the Ozarks hills, take Highway 74 out of Ponca or Jasper to the community of Mount Sherman. Watch carefully for the sign for the attractions. There is a restaurant and canoe rental right at the road where you turn. You should have a four wheel drive to negotiate this road, which is steep, narrow, and often rough to reach the site. When you see the sign for Camp Orr Road, Boy Scout Camp, turn right and follow the road to a parking area just outside of the Boy Scout Camp. There is a sign on the left side of the road for Twin Falls just after crossing a low water bridge. It is a rocky but easy walk to the falls. The best time to view the full glory of the falls is during the spring because the twin falls is usually triple falls. However don't neglect to visit it in the fall. You probably only see two falls in the fall, but the hike is worth the effort. 


If you travel to the end of the road by going straight instead of turning right to the falls, you will end up at Kyle's Landing. There is a primitive campground and a nice area to enjoy the Buffalo River, but by all means have a four wheel drive to get to the campgrounds. If it is raining, mud can be a problem so beware of the weather.

Click on the following links for more information: Photos of Twin (Triple) Falls, Kyle's Landing Campgrounds

There are many other things to see in this area. Check out web pages for Jasper Arkansas, Boxley Elk, Arkansas's Grand Canyon, Lost Valley, and Steel Creek. If you camp, RV spots are very limited in this area and many of the primitive campgrounds are down steep dirt roads, which require 4X4 trucks to get to. For other accommodations check out these links: Ponca Area, Jasper Area, Camping, government primitive camping sites

Below are pictures from our spring and fall visits at Twin (Triple) Falls and a few pictures from our jounrney down to Kyle's Landing.
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This 2 1/4 minute film done by Gary Jones shows a film crew shooting scenes at the Twin (Triple) Falls. There are excellent scenes and sounds of the falls in this video. 
 Here is a 3 3/4 minute video done by jminks that shows the Twin (Triple) Falls at the end and other falls in the nearby areas throughout the rest of the hiking trip he took throughout this Upper Buffalo River area.