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Jasper, Arkansas

Jasper, Arkansas is one of the most scenic places in Arkansas. The town is small, but it has lots of nice shops. There is the Grand Canyon of Arkansas to the east and south of this town. Also, many trails and falls in the area.
Atop King's Bluff

A few miles from Jasper near Pelsor, Arkansas is a neat trail to one of Arkansas' tallest waterfalls.

Mountain Scenery

Just north of Jasper is a pull off to view some beautiful mountain scenery.

Jasper Rest Stop Pan

Just south of Jasper is a neat rest stop where you can view some of the Arkansas' Grand Canyon.

The city of Jasper is a quaint little town in the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks. There are many attractions near this town. Most notably is the Arkansas's Grand Canyon, just south of Jasper. Below are some other links to some of the other nearby attractions. Many years ago the tourist park, Dog Patch, was located just north of the town. It has closed and fallen into ruin, but there are some pull off's on Hwy 7 where you can view some of the ruins. Also, you can see the Marble Falls from one of the pull offs. Another place you want to go is the Cliff House Inn, just south of Jasper. This restaurant has vintage pictures all over the restaurant and an excellent view of the Arkansas' Grand Canyon. All the seasons are beautiful so be sure to take some driving tours. There are a number of hiking trails around the area, and one of the trails we liked a lot is south of Jasper: King's Bluff Falls. We visited it in October so the falls were not so heavy, but I imagine in the spring, or after a heavy rain, it is spectacular. There is another trail, which you can combine in a loop trail with King's Bluff Falls, Pedestal Rocks Trail (see the video below for pictures). We didn't have time to take that one, but I have heard it is beautiful. We have driven the area around Jasper in the spring as well as the fall, and the area is lovely so pick your season and go visit.

Click on the following links for more information: Jasper ArkansasCliff House Inn, Newton County Chamber of Commerce, Upper Buffalo River Chamber of Commerce.


There are many other things to see in this area. Check out web pages for Jasper Arkansas, Steel Creek, Arkansas's Grand Canyon, Lost Valley, and Twin Falls. If you camp, RV spots are very limited in most areas and many of the primitive campgrounds are down steep dirt roads, which require 4X4 trucks to get to. For other accommodations check out these links: Ponca Area, Boxley Elk, Camping, government primitive camping sites

Pictures from scenes around the Jasper Area.

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Below are Two Videos to Give You a Feel for Jasper and Surrounding Area.

This 2 minute video is a great aerial view of the town of Jasper, "small town Americana" for sure. You can see how this little town is nestled in the Ozark hills. Because of all the attractions in nearby areas, you can find this as a great hub for touring the attractions when you visit this part of Arkansas. There are great restaurants in the area as well. One you must visit is the Cliff House Inn just south of Jasper on Hwy 7. There is another place to eat at Low Gap cafe, along a road that crosses the Arkansas' Grand Canyon. A small family restaurant that is a real surprise.

This 2 minute video was done by Arkansas NEWS 5. Although we didn't have time to do this trail, here is an excellent short presentation that gives you good views of what you will see on this trail. If you want to do a full loop, you can take in this scenery and also see King's Bluff Falls on the same hike. Both attractions are great, but you need a morning or afternoon to do the full loop. Because of the dangerous vertical bluffs, it is not a good idea to take young children on this hike. If you do, hold their hands since there are few barriers and a fall would be a long way down.!

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