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Moro Bay State Park

Small but quiet and a great getaway park

Check out the slide shows, pictures, videos, and information below.

Moro Bay State Park is a small park in south central Arkansas located at the junction of Moro Bay and Raymond Lake with the Ouachita River

There is a short hiking trail in the park that goes through a pine forest, typical of the highland plateau area in southern Arkansas

The park has a small but nice campground. If you do not camp, you can rent one of the 5 cabins in the park or look for a motel in the city of El Dorado, Arkansas. While visiting this park, you may want to make a day trip to the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources, near Smackover as well as visit the South Arkansas Arboretum in the nearby town of El Dorado, Arkansas.

Check out Arkansas State Parks website for more information.

Below are Several Pictures on a Slideshow So You Can Get a Feel for This Park.
Mouse over the pictures to see descriptions or click on the picture to manually control the slideshow.
Deer Run Trailhead
Old Ferry
Barrier Free Cabin
Dick enjoying reading
Campsite view
View of Moro Bay
Below is a very good 7 1/2 minute video done by SalineRiverCronicle. The video has outstanding photos of the park.
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